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We help startups discover, define, and deliver digital products.

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A group of high-calibre, qualified product managers who have led numerous projects across various industries. We have successfully delivered digital projects for startups, small businesses, agencies, as well as large corporations.

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This consists of quantitative and qualitative research of your target customers and your competition to ensure we understand the underlying needs of your users and the challenges they are currently facing.


A define phase allows us nail down the problems your customers are experiencing, validate these, and prioritise them to know the order in which to tackle them.


This involves the ideation, prototyping, and testing of the solutions designed. The outcome is the most optimal solution presented to you in prototype form, ready for feedback and future iterations.

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Product Management Consulting

Hire our team of product managers to consult jointly on your digital development project.

Product Manager Placement

Hire an expert product manager to lead development in a contract-based product role or in your digital development project.

End-To-End Product Development

Strategic Product Thinking and User-Centred Design to Create Engaging Experiences For Your Customers

Our aim is to help startups ideate, validate, and ultimately create world-class digital products.

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Merce Group is a digital product development firm based in London, UK.
We work with early stage startups to discover, define, and deliver digital products

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